Lament of a Quebec Voter

Two reasons why Harper will get my unwilling vote in the 2015 elections: Trudeau and Mulcair. Paraphrasing Lysiane Gagnon in La Presse, “To say that Trudeau is an impenitent and serial blunderer would be inexact. What he is suffering from is of an entirely different order.” I, like most Canadians, do not want to vote for Harper who, except when it comes to appointing senators, is otherwise a man of impeccable judgment, and who has but one abiding principle, power uber alles. But, it would be oh so embarrassing to have as my leader a ditzy klutz who cannot put together a sentence that isn’t confused and disorganized, without coherence or substance. It’s as though the Liberal Party of Canada is suicidal and having thus far twice failed to fatally shoot itself is determined to not miss this third time; they have cleverly chosen a fully flawed leader.


Why not T. Mulcair? I may be narrowly focused here, but being an Anglophone still living in Quebec, and utterly in love with Montreal, the finest city I have ever lived in, and I’ve been to many, I would like to feel that someone, like the head honcho in Ottawa, has my best interests at heart. I just don’t get that impression with T. Mulcair. As the PQ makes clearer every day that they are in power, non-francophones are like a disease with which it has to live but needs to closely control, lest it fatally infects the local culture. T. Mulcair would casually abandon us non-francophones to the hardly tender coercive impulses of the PQ if a vote for sovereignty ever got to the threshold of 50% plus one vote. He, T. Mulcair, would recognize such an outcome as a right to make an irreversible decision, even if that fateful one vote was cast by a certifiably insane person out on a day pass just to cast their ballot. He is clearly not an idiot, as we have recently seen with his magisterial performance in the House. So, I must conclude that with most of his caucus being from Quebec and francophone, T. Mulcair is willing to throw us on the pyre of political expediency; not much to distinguish him here from S. Harper. Please, oh, average voter, forgive me but I might just cast for the devil I know to spare us the world of pain T. Mulcair and J. Trudeau will surely bring down upon our benighted Quebec Anglophone/Allophone heads.

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