The Perfect Human


This is a tale about Abelard, a man whose good fortune is to have no memories other than a life lived during the Middle Ages to guide him in his relentless pursuit of self interest. Urbane, civilized Felicity and Oliver had no reason to dwell on the brutality, mistrust and casual violence that polite society has  for so long ago left behind. That is, until they find Abelard.

He is an enigma created by the only recall he possesses: a childhood in medieval Gascony, followed by a captain’s career in the Black Prince’s armies during the Hundred Years War, a successful run as a brigand on the highways of Fourteenth Century Europe, and as a Condottiere to the Italian city states.

All the more baffling is his ease with everyone he
meets, from CEO’s of large corporations, to dodgy characters who run timeless criminal organizations and the people who care most deeply for him. How could a man whose golden rule is to do unto others before they do unto him fit so snugly into Felicity’s orderly, civilized world? Abelard is a man apparently unhampered by empathy, who relies mainly on duplicity and violence. Is Abelard an amnesiac who has lost his moral way, a psychopath who has lost his memory or, astonishingly, is he just an ordinary human with an extraordinary story?

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"do unto others before they do unto you"